This project aims to address the positive side-effects, that the integration of different type of people and cultures may lead. The students have learnt through cultural engagement with young people from diverse countries and cultural origin. 

We have intended to develop skills (basic and transversal) described in the European framework, such as entrepreneurship, digital and language learning skills, since they are reference points for reforming education systems and allow us to move towards a more competence-based teaching and learning approach. 

The expected results of these Projects are:

A logo

Set of learning exercises

A Blog

e-Twinning Project

A Methodological Booklet to address topics of interest for      
teachers with the content of the seminars and workshops

Meetings: short-term teaching-learning exchanges

Student’s workshop to improve key competences.

Multicultural fairs

PowerPoints presentations

Videos produced by the students.

This project has tried  to contribute in our small way, to create pedagogical materials to work with.

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