One of the most important objective of the mobility ACTIVITIES is to enhance the European citizenship. Students and teachers have learnt through  cultural engagement about the host country.
These cross-connections between  culture and education open new learning methods and produce original and effective pedagogical activities. We have developed activities related to different sectors: heritge and museum, music, srchitecture, art, flolklore, etc.  
  • Logo Contest
  • Intercultural Photo Contest
  • Food Fair
  • Interactive Learning
  • Dancing
  • Traditions and Festivities 
  • Arts & Craft
  • Sports

Learning /teaching Activities

1 Cultural Activities (students & teachers)
    Heritage, museums, music, architecture, art, folklore,
    cultural fairs, school events, etc.

2. Teachers' Activities (organized by host country)
    Training seminars, report of the  QA Questionnaires

3. Students' Activities

    Project work, oral presentation, workshop, school contests, etc.


Before the Meetings
ØSelection of students
ØSelection of teachers
ØSend data
Ø*Activity programme
Ø*Management agenda
*Activities budget

After the Meetings

Ø*Students Journal

Ø*Meeting minutes

Ø*Dissemination Template
*Quality Questionnaires

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