To effectively DISSEMINATE the results, the partnership has established a DISSEMINATION PLAN based on targets, type of activities and timing. The aim of the dissemination is to broaden the knowledge of the project, its activities, to share experiences to communicate results and propose a different way of working, to school leaders, teaching staff, parents and students across Europe. 

Core indicators for measuring the success relate to number of participants, area of involvement and number of contacts to whom information have been sent. The activities consist of:
·                              - Dissemination strategy and suggestions;
·                              - Project Blog, links to social media and regular updates (in 4 languages);
·                              - Project E-newsletters
·                              - Project brochures, leaflets for seminars as well as test schools;
·                              - Press releases;
·                              - Seminars
                               - Twitter 
                               - Participation in conferences or seminars

Each partner filled a DISSEMINATION TEMPLATE to keep track of all the results, pedagogical activities and managemet documents ellaborated. 
The dissemination is addressed to internal and external networks of each partner. The first step is to disseminate the project with the partners school, through exhibitions, PPT presentations, seminars , intercultural days and report. The broader dissemination will be done online through the project Blog, school websites and eTwinning to ensure the scope of dissemination



Dissemination Activities Austria



Dissemination Coordinator: Poland

An effective dissemiantion plan has to answer  all these questions


Everypartner institution will disseminate the results:
  1. Inside the school: school staff, school associations, students, parents.

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