Tuesday, 23 February 2016

kick off Meeting- Stuttgart 

The Erasmus + KA2  Project "Cultural differences in Europe: An opportunity for using Synergic Effect in Lifeling Learning" SYELL took off last November with the first teaching/ learning mobility  in Stuttgart (Germany). 
SYELL is a EU funded project under the Erasmus+ program which sets out to adress address those positive side-effects,  that the integration of different type of people and cultures may lead. To make students learn through cultural engagement with young people from diverse countries and cultural origin.
Effective strategies and processes will be outlined in a methodological handbook, the final product of this project. We intend to develop skills (basic and transversal) described in the European framework, such as entrepreneurship, digital and language learning skills, since they are reference points for reforming education systems and will allow us to move towards a more competence-based teaching and learning approach.
The first step of this partnership will be to achieve basic skills although we will give transversal key competences a more prominent part within our school curricula.
Our target group will not be only the secondary students but also school teachers who will be able to strengthen their profile.

The project is started in October 2015 and will be finalized in August  2017.  The project is coordinated by IESHermanos Machado ,Sevilla, Spain. In the project the following partners are participating:
-          The EvangelischesHeidehof Gymnasium, Stuttgart (Germany)
-          The III LiceumOgólnokształcąceim. BohaterówWesterplatte, Gdansk (Poland)
-          The BG/BRG Dreihackengasse, Graz (Austria)

Most of the work will be done at school using the etwinning, which is a free online
community for schools in Europe which allows to  collaborate on projects within a secure
network and platform.